Wedding DAY

For you, I think this farm will do. There is beauty and history here on Valley View Farm. Explore it with your closest friends and family. Try 120 acres in Western Massachusetts. Try the Mill River, and the little organic gardens along it. Try ponds and orchards, pastures and horses. Think farm-fresh food, or a breezy hilltop with a view of the world and sunset that you will long to return to. 

Valley View Farm is an authentic working farm and hidden gem. Weddings at the farm can be casual with a dash of cool, or a pastoral inspired and elaborate gala. Imagine exchanging hand written wedding vows in the flower garden, the blossoming apple orchard, or under a sprawling hickory tree with a beautiful backdrop of horses and woodland hills. There is no limit to the pictures you can paint here. You can get married anywhere and everywhere.

Maybe you imagine your wedding revelers enjoying a late campfire, jam session or lingering after party under a sky full of stars or warmly lit patio. And maybe you’ll all wake up together with the sun and complete the weekend with a lazy scene-of-the-crime brunch the following day.

This is a place where you’re not celebrating against the clock, or worried about all the events you’ve scheduled and places you need to go. Let us help you put together your dreams. Stay here for the weekend, relax, marry, and be merry. Love yourselves, those you care so much about, and also your surroundings; feel at home! Come make some magic and be open. 

Think farm-fresh food, an artistic vibe, and a serene setting on a breezy hilltop.


In summer

After a farm dinner, channel your best self and dance in our century old barn pavilion with a field of sunflowers as a background. Or choose to dine indoors in the Yellow Barn and let the fireflies and crackling bonfire escort you outdoors. There is nothing like a wedding the summer, except for a wedding in the summer. 

In fall

Follow the candlelit path through the fields to our birch-wedding arbor as endless red and orange maples frame the bounty in the pumpkin field. Fall’s colors persist for you and your beautiful scene while the sun sets behind the sleeping trees.

In winter

Bundle up on a serenaded sleigh ride and return to warm cider by the fire. Getting cold? Our barn has heated floors! Get used to it, they use biofuel from our managed forest. Come inside for a cozy after party, bring the warmth in winter.

In spring

Marry among the blossoms in the peach tree orchard and then sip a Bellini as you gaze across the pond to a field of wildflowers. The birds are coming home, the rabbits are beginning to hop, and the forest is waking up. The spring is always a new beginning. 

We can provide the flexibility, creativity, and muscle you need to create your vision in the style and with the details you want. Let’s make the planning of your wedding fun, creative, and as stress free as possible! We include much more than just the use of our magnificent barns. We are passionate about making your whole wedding process a pure joy and even have our own seasoned logistics planner on our team to manage the entire event. During your wedding we will be there to light the bonfire, pass out blankets, and help in any way you’d like. 

When your family and friends feel the warmth that we extend, they will be inspired to join in and create those magical moments that you will carry with you forever.

We are a family business run with professionalism and love. We take great pride and attention to detail. Our farm becomes your farm while you are here, and remains a touchstone to carry with you into marriage.

We have lodging for twenty two guests in our Farmhouse and Apple House. More lodging is less than ten minutes away in the lively Western Massachusetts town of Northampton. 

The farm is located only 1.5 hours from Boston and 2.5 hours from New York City.

Give a call, text, or email. We look forward to meeting you!