David & Sue

Scouting for sugar bush and heritage apple trees, David led us up a historic horse carriage path in his childhood village. 

When we found the view on a peaceful hilltop, it all came together.  

We have saved a fallow farm, two historic barns, the original farmhouse, heritage maple and apple trees, and three centuries of farming tradition.

David is a third generation maple sugar maker who started boiling sap when he was ten. His passion is obvious if you've ever hung out with him all night in the sugar house.

Sue is an eclectic mix of Park Avenue, rebel, and cowgirl.

She is fourth generation in the wedding business.

David & Sue are welcoming, generous, and love to share the magic they have found.

The hope is that you enjoy the relaxed vibe of farm life while sharing your expression of love and magic with all your best people.









David & Sue

David & Sue